The Role of Pediatric Dentists in Keeping Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Young Girl Having Her Teeth Checked

Children’s teeth are vulnerable the moment they break out. And it is the job of a dentist in Lakeville, MN to be a parent’s partner in introducing good dental hygiene to kids at an early age.  It is highly recommended that children have their first dental visit before they turn a year old to ensure that their teeth and gums remain clean and healthy.

The Role of Pediatric Dentists

A pediatric dentist provides a comprehensive oral health care program for toddlers and young children. The services include habit counseling for kids who thumb suck; early assessment and treatment for straightening teeth and over or underbite; repair of caries, tooth cavities, and dental injuries; infant oral health exams; preventive dental care; diagnosis of oral diseases and other associated conditions; and treatment of gum disease and related conditions. These are not just adult dental services scaled down for children; rather, it is a specialization addressing children’s oral health issues.

Preventive Treatments

Regular dental check-ups help keep children’s teeth healthy. The doctor would be able to remove plaque build-up, and clean food debris stuck between teeth. This prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth. It also prevents other dental diseases like tooth decay or gum inflammation.

Part of a pediatric dentist’s duty is to educate and remind parents of the importance of good eating habits. This can go a long way in helping protect children’s teeth and gums. In general, parents should keep their kids away from sugar- and starch-rich food.

Another common concern among kids is the habit of sleeping while nursing with milk in the bottle. Sugar and starch are converted to acids if these stay too long in the mouth. The acids, in turn, destroy the fragile milk teeth.

Children’s teeth are fragile and will fall off when permanent teeth start to grow and replace them. The job of the pediatric dentist is to care for young children’s teeth and gums. This helps ensure that milk teeth do not decay before being replaced by permanent teeth.