The Key to Qsymia: All You Need to Know

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Losing weight is a difficult task. The discipline involved in not just diet but also regular exercise is challenging for those who work regular jobs. And with conveniences like fast food as well as inconveniences like having to go to the gym, your ideal weight may seem like a pipe dream.

Fortunately, there is Qsymia. Qsymia is an FDA-approved weight loss drug that serves to aid you on your weight loss journey. Qsymia is not like other diet pills that promise smoke and mirrors. In Utah, MD Diet Centers like MD Diet Weight Loss and Nutrition, LLC can prescribe Qsymia to as a diet supplement. But is Qsymia right for you?

How it Works

Qsymia works in two parts. The first is the appetite suppressant phentermine and the second is the anti-seizure/migraine drug topiramate.

Phentermine works by releasing norepinephrine in the brain, thus releasing the appetite-regulating hormone called leptin. Leptin derived from body fat and aids in maximizing the energy you burn from one meal to the next. Leptin’s primary design is to regulate the body’s weight.

Topiramate, on the other hand, is an anticonvulsant that can also aid in weight loss by increasing the feeling of being full and increasing the calories you burn. The topiramate in Qsymia work on an extended release timer helping you feel full in between meals.

Is Qsymia for You?

Qsymia is designed specifically for obese (BMI >30) or overweight (BMI >27) especially for those suffering from hypertension or Type 2 diabetes. Women taking Qsymia should also take an effective birth control method while on it.

Qsymia is not for pregnant women, people suffering from eye diseases most especially glaucoma, people with an overactive thyroid, people on the antidepressant MAOI, or people allergic to phentermine, topiramate, or any of Qsymia’s ingredients.

Hopefully, these facts can answer all your concerns about Qsymia. Aided with diet and exercise, Qsymia can be the solution to your weight loss problems.