Signs That It Is Time to Consider Hospice Care

a senior woman and her caregiver

When someone you love is battling a life-limiting illness, the medical care options are often overwhelming. It gets harder when the curative medications stop working. At this point, you might want to consider hospice care. Palliative care is available to patients facing a prognosis of six months or less, and it focuses on improving quality of life rather than treating the illness. Here is how you can determine if it is time to consider hospice care:

Traditional Treatments Are Not Working

Most treatments for terminal diseases are meant to either cure the ailment or offer relief from its symptoms. When these treatments stop working, it becomes clear that cure is not possible. Fortunately, you can consider palliative care in Indiana. Hospice care does not mean that the patient should stop taking medication. It focuses on providing the patient with emotional and physical comfort.

The Caregiver Needs Support

In most cases, patients facing terminal illnesses are cared for by their family members and friends. The situation can be difficult for the caregiver. That is why hospice facilities offer consolation to the caregivers and the patient’s loved ones.

The Pain Is Overwhelming

When battling a life-limiting illness, managing both the pain and side effects of the disease is a priority. If the pain from the ailment and its treatment are too much to bear, you should consider enrolling in palliative care. Someone with wounds that are not healing or one who can’t get sleep because of unbearable pain might find relief in a hospice facility. Hospice care works by relieving the symptoms and enhancing the quality of life.

Hospice care can significantly help terminally ill patients. When you are confident that hospice care is the way to go, consider your options carefully. Find a provider that meets the patient’s physical and emotional needs.