How to Save With Generic Drugs Without Compromising Your Health

paracetamol tabletAre you the kind of person who ignores seemingly simple health problems like cough, colds, and sore throat and wish for them to just go away? Or do you overly depend on over-the-counter medicines? Do you feel that sometimes you don’t when to stop ignoring the signs and when to stop popping non-prescription tablets?

Less Costly But Equally Effective

One reason people often ignore cough and colds even after suffering for several days is the cost of medications. But, there is a more affordable alternative to most branded medicines. These are the generic drugs, which are generally most affordable — sometimes half the price of the branded tablets. Some may be a bit hesitant to buy generic drugs at first; In truth, they have the same active agents, dosage, strength, etc. as the branded ones.

For example, the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection include sore throat, dry cough that does not go away for a week or more, and a fever that you can treat with paracetamol but without the assurance, since you have not taken any antibiotics. The infection can be severe, and over-the-counter medicines may not work. The only solution for this is to pay your doctor a visit, preferably a specialist or someone who know your patient history, and ask for a prescription. Don’t wait until your condition worsens.. Doing so can lead to serious pulmonary diseases like pneumonia or bronchitis. The doctor will probably give you a prescription for antibiotics like Augmentin and cough suppressants like Tylenol Cough.

Available Alternatives

You can go to a Draper pharmacy for the meds you need. But, if you normally tells the pharmacist to get all the prescribed medications without asking for the price first, you may be surprised with how much andtibiotics and cough medication cost. The price of 21 tablets of Augmentin (500-125 mg) can reach up to $70, depending on where you are getting it. This could be a problem if you do not have enough money or if your health plan does not cover your bill. But fret not, there is a way to save money without compromising your health. In the case of Augmentin, you can ask for the generic counterpart which is Co-Amoxiclav.

If you’re still uncertain, do your research. Ignoring the symptoms may not cost you anything at first. But, remember that unattended health concerns can be even costlier once they become more serious.