Medicine Compounding: 4 Situations Where You Need Custom Drugs

round tabletMost of the time, pharmaceutical companies do a fairly good job of meeting the needs of the public. Yet for a select few people, it can be almost impossible to find the right drug to meet their specific needs. They might be allergic to over-the-counter options, or the drug is simply not available in their location. Still, they need this medicine to maintain their health, so what are they to do?

Compounding is the easy answer to this dilemma. It allows you to order specialized medication based on your actual requirements. Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all, most physicians will agree that drugs custom-made by a reputable pharmacy are a far superior choice when a patient has unique medical needs.

1. Drug allergies – As mentioned earlier, you might have an allergic reaction to one or more of the components in mass produced medicine. Sometimes, Jolley’s Compounding Pharmacy says in a blog post, the packaging material might be to blame. Compounding allows pharmacists to take these things out of the equation, creating a drug that is safe for you.

2. Form requirements – Occasionally, a patient is unable to take pills and tablets due to disability or phobia. Changing the same medicine into an easier to administer form, such as a liquid or transdermal gel, makes it much easier for the patient to take the drug regularly.

3. Lack of supply – There are times when a pharmaceutical company will stop manufacturing a certain drug since it is no longer profitable, as too few people are taking it. In extreme cases, the company itself might have gone bankrupt. With compounding, it doesn’t matter whether you are the only person in the world who needs the drug, you will still get it.

4. Unique dosage – Some patients, such as infants, might need the drug in a highly limited dosage that is not commercially available. Creating the medicine from scratch is the only reliable and accurate way to control the amount they receive.

Though it may be hard to find a compounding pharmacy in your area, it is necessary and well-worth the effort if you have unique medicinal requirements.