Is It Time for a Pair of New Glasses?

Woman getting eye checkupIf you’ve had your prescription glasses for years now but can still see fine, it’s normal to assume that you don’t need to replace it. While there’s nothing wrong with wearing the same glasses for years, you shouldn’t ignore the changes in your vision or the signs that you need a new prescription.

A vision clinic in Maple Grove notes that you should consider replacing it if:

You have recurring headaches.

Constant headaches may be due to changes in vision, which is common for those who are not wearing correcting eyeglasses. Those who are nearsighted often experience headaches in front of the head, while far-sighted ones experience this after looking closely at something for a long period.

You tend to squint a lot.

Squinting is one way for improving clarity and focus. While it won’t damage your vision, it can contract the facial muscles and give you headaches. You might need new glasses if you are constantly squinting when looking at a computer or reading a book.

You have eyestrain or fatigue.

Some factors such as lack of sleep or seasonal allergies can contribute to eye fatigue. If you’re experiencing this most the time, you might need a new prescription to ease the strain or fatigue.

Your vision is blurry.

Blurred vision can occur in one or both eye, and may indicate a substantial change in your vision. New glasses may help, but eye testing is necessary to rule out other serious problems like cataracts.

Don’t let these vision-related problems negatively affect your daily activities. A prescription can change over time, so it’s a good idea to see an eye doctor. If it has been a long time since you’ve had your eyes tested, schedule an appointment for an eye exam or new prescription today.