Hospice Care: Making Terminal Care More Meaningful

Nurse talking to a bedridden woman

For many of us, a loved one’s final days can be full of difficulties. Quality of life becomes an issue. But the Hospice of the Calumet Area in Indiana explains that patients and their family often receive the care and support they need in a hospice home facility.

Cherishing Life

Hospice care provides patients and their families with the support for those with a terminal condition. The patient is given every opportunity to enjoy the remaining time with their relatives and friends. A hospice is a place where people with chronic and terminal illnesses can spend their last days in comfort and peace.

In most instances, palliative care is part of the experience. Healthcare professionals manage the symptoms when treatment can no longer provide a solution. Hospice care helps everyone deal with the inevitable and helps patients to spend their last few weeks in comfort. The relatives also have the opportunity to enjoy the remaining time with the patient.

Support and Care

Medical treatment focuses on the needs of the patient, leaving family and friends to support each other. Hospice takes this into account and does not isolate patients from their loved ones. Family members also need the emotional support of these trying times. Hospice workers coach family members on the proper care for the patient. When the patient or their family requests for home care, provisions are made to continue the services outside of the hospice facility. Their emotional, spiritual and psychosocial needs are also addressed.

Caring for patients near their end of life is a heavy burden for their loved ones. Hospice care does not only provide provisions like medications, supplies, and equipment, but it also helps manage their pain and illness.