Helpful Reminders for First-Time Contact Lens Users

Girl putting contact lens

Contact lenses often save the similar corrective purpose that conventional glasses have. The only difference is they are virtually invisible and lightweight. Many contact lenses come with a tint of faint blue, making them seem more visible when put away in cleaning and storage solutions.

If you finally decided to give contact lenses a try, it may be a great decision to transition from traditional glasses. For instance, before purchasing, going to an eye care clinic in Maple Grove is necessary.

And as a first-time contact lenses user, here’s what you have to keep in mind.

Handy Hygiene

The first habit that you need to develop is to always wash your hands thoroughly before you touch the contact lens or your eyes. One of the most common issues people have is eye infections. This is often the result of not having washed hands prior to putting them on.

Routine and Order

It’s also a good idea to start with the same eye each time you put them. Doing this will minimize the chance of confusing the left and right lenses.

Practice with an Expert

Expect that your eye care specialist will recommend the right lenses and cleaning products for you. They will explain the process on how to correctly put them on. Make sure to practice this with them a couple of times until you feel certain that you can do it on your own.

Take Notes

Always keep in mind the step-by-step procedure given by eye care specialists. It may even be a good idea to video-record them while they explain the process. This can serve as your guide when you have to do the procedure by yourself. The professional advice will always come in handy should your mind invariably go blank.

Respect Use by Dates

Lenses and cleaning products have expiration dates on their labels. Check the labels and dates right away as soon as you open the packaging. It’s always better to throw away a product that doesn’t indicate such dates rather than risking an infection or damage to your eyes.

Your journey in using contact lenses can start off a bit tricky and stressful. With the help of eye care professionals, putting them on with confidence will come in easy in no time.