Dentistry: A Multi-Faceted Field or Profession

Dentist treating the patientDentists take care of their patients' oral health, teeth, and gums. But there is more to dentistry than caring for the teeth and gums. The dentist’s profession is a multi-faceted one and in today’s digital world, the things they can do were unimaginable a decade ago.

Other than the advances in the field of medicine, there is tremendous improvement today in the type of dental aids, digital dental lab, and digital scanners. These have helped dentists, oral pathologists, orthodontists, and periodontists take better care of their patients and provide effective treatment in the shortest possible time. Dentists have a great deal of education and licensing required to practice. Dentists wishing to specialize need to put in a couple of more years of education and training.

Caring for the Teeth

Dentists can diagnose all problems with the teeth, gums, and the mouth tissues, as well as recommend the right treatment option. They can administer care and give advice on how to take care of the teeth. They teach patients the right way to floss and brush, as well as diet options and other dental care methods.

Like doctors, dentists can prescribe medications, including antibiotics. The general equipment they use includes drills, x-ray machines, mouth mirrors, forceps, probes, lasers, brushes, scalpels, and scanners. The general care provided by the dentists are filling cavities, removing decay in teeth, and replacing and straightening teeth. More experienced and qualified dentists handle cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery.

Specialization in Dentistry

While most dentists practice general dentistry, some specialize in other fields, such as pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, oral radiology, oral pathology, and public dental healthcare. Most dentists work alone in their own private office.

To be successful today, the dentists and the specialists must stay updated with the latest techniques and technology. Upgrading their skills helps them handle and use all the modern technologies and equipment to ensure better dental care and service for the patients.