Are Dental Checkups Necessary Before the School Year Starts?

Little boy smilingSummer vacation is coming to a close, which means school is near. Apart from the new clothes you need to buy for your child, you should also take their health into consideration.

This is why you should include a visit to your child’s dentist in Indianapolis before the school year starts. Dentists encourage back-to-school check-ups so they can make sure that their patients’ dental health is in top shape, as untreated dental problems can affect their academic performance.

Good Dental Health and Academic Success

Dental checkups prevent the occurrence of oral health problems in the long run. Doing this before the school year starts helps identify the potential issues that may hinder children from academic success.

Poor dental health can be accounted for the 51 million hours of missed school hours in the United States

Packing a Healthy Lunch

Looking after your child’s teeth shouldn’t stop at going to the dentist either. Their lunch food should also benefit their dental health. What are some of the options?

Fruits are always a great addition to their packed lunches. Instead of candy and chocolate bars for snacks, fruits can satisfy their sweet tooth. Go for apples, which fight the buildup of food particles in between teeth.

But be careful about giving your kids too much citrus. Grapefruits and lemons are delicious, but they can eat away at the enamel of their teeth, which leads to tooth decay. If your kids love oranges, remind them to rinse with water right after snacking.

Add cheese to their diet is also a great option as this promotes saliva production. It also reduces acid in your kid’s saliva, increasing pH levels and protecting the tooth enamel.

Going back to school shouldn’t be the only reason to bring your child to the dentist. Dental checkups should be regular to prevent oral health problems from arising.