Achy, Breaky Heart: 3 Risk Factors for Heart Disease

heart shape held by two people

Heart disease is a common cause of death for both men and women, but what’s interesting here is that this health problem can be prevented. By looking at risk factors with your family doctor, you’ll be able to have a game plan for the prevention of heart disease. Here are some that make you susceptible to developing heart problems:


Men aged 45 years and up and women who are older than 55 years are more vulnerable to heart disease. As you age, as health experts in West Jordan explain, the blood vessels become stiffer and make the heart pump doubly hard so that blood can flow effectively through the arteries.

This can eventually lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions. While aging is inevitable, there are many ways you can lower your risk. Exercise, for instance, can reduce blood pressure and the extent of the arteries going stiff. A nutritious diet can also keep blood vessels healthy.

Family History

People who have parents or family members who have developed heart disease are more likely to experience the same problem. Obviously, there’s nothing you can do to change your family’s medical history. But, if you do know that it runs in the family, your doctor will be able to recommend screening tests that would help you detect problems early on.

For this reason, it’s highly encouraged to have a family doctor. West Jordan health specialists are able to keep track of generations of family’s health, helping them make more accurate diagnoses and give you a heads up on certain health issues.


Experts have observed that more women develop heart disease, compared to men. Many factors contribute to this problem. For instance, specific health problems, which only affect women, raise their risk for the disease. Some of these include endometriosis, gestational diabetes, and polycystic ovary syndrome. This again points to the importance of partnering with a family doctor, so that your health can be monitored at all stages of life, from childhood to puberty and pregnancy to childbirth, etc.

Are you at risk for heart disease? Reduce your risk by partnering with a health practitioner who can recommend a preventative plan for you.