4 Signs You Need Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted

a girl having her wisdom tooth removed

The third molars, more known as the wisdom teeth, are the last to erupt. If they grow in the right position, it’s possible that you won’t experience any pain or problem. However, this is rarely the case.

More often than not, they pose problems serious enough to disrupt your daily activities, thus necessitating removal. How can you tell if it’s time to see your dentist in West Valley, Utah for wisdom teeth removal?

When they limit space on the jawbone

By the time wisdom teeth erupt, there’s little space left on the jawbone. As a result, they tend to push the other teeth out of place, leading to misalignment. In such cases, it’s best to have them removed to protect the other teeth.

When they’re causing severe discomfort

Wisdom teeth usually result in discomfort. The pain, pressure, and congestion accompanying their eruption are at times intolerable. They could also cause bone loss, leaving gaps between teeth.

When you notice inflammation and infection

With limited space, wisdom teeth cause pain and gum inflammation. Your inability to clean them properly also results in accumulation of tartar. If not treated on time, oral inflammation can lead to gum disease. The resulting cavities could also easily spread to the other teeth. Extraction of the third molars protects them.

When you see abscesses or cysts

Impacted teeth are stuck in between the bone and the gum, and are unable to come through. This causes swelling, pain, bleeding, and infection. When it gets to this extent, cysts and abscesses are likely to develop, and their treatment would be difficult. Prior removal prevents these problems.

If you experience any of these signs, that’s enough reason to have your wisdom teeth extracted. This will not only ease your discomfort and pain but also protect your other teeth.