Wind Farm Expansion Ruins Scotland Tourism, Say Climbers

Image by Vincent van Zeijst | Wikimedia

Hill walkers and climbers in Scotland say that the expansion of Scotland’s wind farms in mountain areas damages the tourism industry in the country.

‘Less appealing’

A recent survey of the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) shows that over two-thirds of the surveyed population agree that some areas of the country have become “less appealing” because of the wind farm projects.

The survey included 1,000 climbers and walkers, most of which said that they were “put off by wind farms from visiting or revisiting” areas in Scotland that they had previously went to.

Ministers have advocated renewable energy like offshore wind. Part of their ambition is for Scotland to rely mostly on wind and wave power for electricity.

‘Deeply disturbing’

SNP MSP John Wilson defended the wind farms and argued that  the survey reached only a small population.

“While this survey may appear significant, it is a select audience of individuals. The Scottish Government strategy to promote wind farms as part of a renewable energy mix means that we are less dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear power,” Wilson said.

MCofS chief officer David Gibson said that the expansion projects were “deeply disturbing,” as it threatens the country’s £1.6 billion natural heritage tourism sector.