Take Your Kids to these 4 Attractions in Bath

The Roman BathsBath, England is an ideal vacation spot for families with kids. This beautiful town is registered as a World Heritage Site due to its picturesque sceneries, delicious food and historic sites. Bath overflows with Roman ruins, divine cathedrals and delicious delicacies, making it a must-go attraction for you and your kids.

Bath has numerous attractions guaranteed to keep your children entertained. This picturesque city allows visitors to enjoy the real-life masterpiece theatre experience. Children will definitely appreciate the historical sites and activities one can find in Bath.

Make the most out of your short vacation breaks in Bath with the children by visiting the following attractions:

  • The Roman Baths

Your visit to Bath is not complete until you see their Roman Baths. As you and your family trail down the buildings and temples on-site, you will learn much about life in Roman England. Included in the tour is a free children’s audio, serving as historical guidance for your children. Seek guided tours for an entertaining and educational learning experience.

Visit the Baths at night for an idyllic view of the night sky, emphasized by the fire from the torches. The Roman Baths offers family tickets for Mum, Dad and at 4 kids.

  • The Fashion Museum

The Fashion Museum houses a number of historic collections and contemporary fashions. The best thing about this attraction? You and your children can dress up with the available period pieces. Clothes are available for children and adults, both male and female.

Visitors can also drop by the historic Assembly Rooms and imagine spending a night dancing in old England balls.

  • Royal Victoria Park

Bath also houses parks for children’s outdoor play. The Royal Victoria Park offers numerous opportunities for your children to enjoy the great outdoors. Complete with a Botanical Garden, the park’s facilities also include skateboard parks, Tennis Lake, aviaries and the lot.

  • The Jane Austen Centre

This attraction is an exhibition dedicated to the late British writer, Jane Austen. The centre re-tells Austen’s time in Bath and her writing influences. Children can enjoy live films, exhibits and the costumes included in the tour. There is also a Regency Tearoom with waiters in period clothing.

Bath offers numerous learning opportunities for you and your kids. Enjoy your vacation and gain knowledge at the same time in this beautiful town. Rest assured, your children will enjoy the sights and attractions of Bath.