Boating Lifestyle: 3 Places to Live in the US

Tampa Bay FloridaMany people love boating to the point that they would want to live near bodies of water, so they could do this activity any time. From rivers and lakes to the beachside, families and retirees are willing to buy a property regardless of the price. After all, who wouldn’t want a stunning view every day? If you’re planning to do the same, then here are the top places for you to live near water:

Tampa Bay, Florida

The Tampa and St. Pete area have always kept their reputation for being a good fishing and sightseeing spot. The number of budget-friendly and luxury residential communities is continuously increasing. As such, many locals find Tampa Bay a good place to do any boat-related business. No need to have your own gear and equipment, as you’ll likely find a place to rent them.

Lake Conroe, Texas

This 85-square meter lake in Montgomery County lies on the west of Interstate 45, which is along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River. If you want to go fishing and angling every day, says buying Lake Conroe real estate is a good idea. You have to take note of the fishing regulations, though. For instance, there are bag and size limits if you’re after the largemouth bass.

Seattle, Washington

Ideal for an active outdoor lifestyle, this coastal seaport city has boating communities such as the Lake Union and Lake Washington that can help you enjoy this recreational activity even more. Seattle also has protected salt waters that stretch from the San Juans (north) to the Olympia (south), which feature the beauty of forested islands, the Cascade and Olympic Mountains, and urban scenery.

These are only some of the ideal places to live and boat in the US. Many states and cities have their own beach sides, rivers, lakes, and bays, so find the place where you feel most at home.