5 of UK’s Hidden Tourist Gems

london touristThe government and business owners enjoy the travel boom with UK tourists in record number, but the case is quite different when you’re a traveller. The surge of people has caused popular spots to be more crowded than ever, making it a bit tricky to see all the places you want to visit unless you’re willing to brave the sea of people.

Wanderlust isn’t enough to get you through this if you have an aversion to crowds, which is why it’s best to look at the hidden gems the country can offer. You can start your journey in any of these five less popular attractions in the United Kingdom:

Ashton Court

You can find Ashton Court north of Somerset. Although the City of Bristol technically owns this place, it’s still a great location for a leisurely walk when you’re in Somerset. This 11th century district is full of exquisite sights of the UK landscape, making it a great location for those contemplative strolls. If you plan on staying in Somerset, heed the recommendation of many travellers and stay at Bailbrook Lodge. The place is simply the perfect option when you want to have a relaxing experience.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Who said London is overrated? Even though England’s capital has thousands of tourists pouring in yearly, it still has those hidden gems waiting to be discovered, one of which is Wilton’s Music Hall. This Victorian-era structure is home to outstanding dramatic and musical performances. Make sure you visit this place whenever you’re in London.

Snaefell Mountain Railway

When you want a true adventure away from the UK’s mainland, go to the Isle of Man and traverse the Snaefell Mountain Railway. The train ride is suitable for those moments of silence where you just enjoy the gloriously picturesque English landscape. On a clear day, you can also get to see Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and England from there.

Bekonscot Model Village

Not a lot of people are aware of Bekonscot Model Village’s existence, and that is what makes it an attractive destination. Nestled in Buckinghamshire, this area is one of the UK’s oldest model villages, complete with miniature houses, race courses, and harbours.

Cape Cornwall

Look straight out to the Atlantic Ocean as you stay in Cape Cornwall. The place is a great representation of everything that is Cornish, from the mine ruins to the green fields. This location may just be a small headland, but its grandeur is matchless.

Consider these locations when you want to avoid the throngs of tourists. Your next travel is the perfect chance to visit these places before they become the next top destinations in the country.