Ways to Earn More That Do Not Require a Four-Year Course

High Paying JobsDo you have to take a four-year course to earn a high salary? Not all the time. In fact, some high-paying jobs out there take about two years to finish. If you want to fast track your career, try these highly paid careers that require minimal education:


A paralegal assists lawyers in preparing documents and conducting investigations before trials. This position yields about $46,000 a year. Your salary may even receive an increase, especially if you are working in the private sector. It is easy to find and enroll in a national paralegal college so you do not have to worry too much. This legal course will also help you get to law school quickly compared to others.

Dental hygienist

Duties of a dental hygienist include diagnosing and cleaning teeth and educating patients about proper oral care. The salary goes as far as $70,000-90,000 depending on the company. You will not find yourself lacking for opportunities as a dental hygienist. After all, the demand for this job is set at 33%.

Registered Nurse

It is possible to become a registered nurse with a two-year associate degree. The salary ranges from $66,220 to $96, 320 or more especially in private hospitals. There is a growing need for medical treatments, so you will not run out of job opportunities.

Foreign Language instructor

A high school foreign language teacher earns $53,230 annually. You do not even have to limit yourself at teaching language in schools to earn more. Companies need bilinguals to train and communicate with their business partners on different sides of the globe.

Web Developer

Be a web developer if you are tech savvy. This technical job requires little or no schooling for those who self-study. You will earn as much as $63,160 or more depending on the project and client. There will always be a need for your services with companies promoting their goods online.

You do not have to endure four years of schooling to get a good job. Try these short courses and you may still get a considerable income to support your lifestyle.