Tips on Prolonging the Life of Your Clothes

When shopping for clothes in stores like Houston Southwest Direct Buy, you may think of how durable it is. Apart from the protection it provides, clothes also make a person look neat and presentable. This is why it’s important to take good care of clothes. Knowing how to wash clothes properly is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your garment.

Follow the label

Following the cleaning instruction on the garment label can protect your clothes from damage. If the instruction says the cloth needs hand washing, follow it. Don’t attempt to wash it using washing machine. Wash, dry, iron, and store clothes according to their instructions so that they could last longer.

Remove spots and stains right away

There are proper ways to remove stains on clothes. Here are some of the most common spots and stains that stick on clothes, and the ways to clean them.

  • Chewing gum – Harden the chewing gum by rubbing an ice cube on the affected area. Then, scrape it off using a knife.
  • Blood – Pre-soak the cloth in cold water and detergent. If the stains remains, use bleach that are safe on fabrics. Don’t use bleach on colored garments though, as it can affect the color of clothes.
  • Soft drink – Soak the fabric in cold water with detergent. If the stain remains, use bleach to soak it instead.
  • Ink – Spray some perfume or alcohol on the affected area of the cloth. Rinse it well, then rub the area again with a detergent bar
  • Chocolate – Soak the cloth in cold water. After this, rub the stain with a detergent bar and then wash.
  • Cosmetics – soak the cloth on water with detergent.

Don’t wash clothes more often

Washing clothes more often may cause wear and tear on the garments. The processes involve in washing, which includes twisting, heating, beating, and forcing water and soap, can damage the fabric of clothes. No matter how you like to wear your favorite clothes often, use them only once or twice a month.

Use a dryer only when necessary

Use the dryer you bought from DirectBuy of Houston Southwest only when necessary. Dryers wear out fabrics quickly. They set stains on clothes and make seams twist. They can also make some hems turn upwards. Drying clothes in the sunlight or in an open air is a healthier way to dry clothes. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant, so it can remove bacteria or germs that stick to clothes.

Proper storage is also one of the keys to prolonging the life of your clothes. To learn more about buying laundry totes, baskets, washers, and cabinets for your clothes, visit