The Ultimate AC Buying Guide: 3 Features to Look for in an AC

a property installed with air conditionersIt pays to look for features that will maximize your buying power when you’re on the hunt for a new air conditioning unit. While repairing your old air conditioner can often do the trick, modern systems are more than worth the up-front costs, as they have the features that help improve energy savings, lower your monthly bills, and improve home comfort.

To maximise your air conditioning unit usage and reap long-term benefits, here are five features you should look for.

Energy efficient

Modern appliances now include Energy Star ratings. The higher the energy rating, the less energy it uses and the lower your bill. So when you’re looking for a new appliance, keep in mind that it’s worth paying attention to its Energy Star figures before thinking of where to install your air conditioning unit. This will help you save money and you’ll be doing your role to help the environment.

Readily available parts and service centres

Nothing is more annoying than buying and installing an affordable AC brand then finding out that most service shops will not accept it for repairs. As you will be using your air conditioner regularly, you want a brand that is supported by different AC repair shops and appliance centres.

Programmable timer and thermostat

An air conditioner that switches on and off at different times of the day is convenient; it will help lower your energy consumption. You will not leave your unit running the whole day if you’re not home, but it is nice to come home to the comfort of a cool space. Choose a unit with a programmable thermostat. Just set the unit to your desired setting and you’ll enjoy cool, refreshing indoor comfort without the high monthly dues.

Air conditioning units come in different styles and sizes. Research in advance and know what your home requires to make sure you’ll make the best decision.