Global warming has been an inconvenient truth, bringing about different adverse effects to the planet. This is why many organisations and government agencies implement environmental friendly solutions to save it. These include using alternative materials, participating in ecological activities, and employing energy saving tools and appliances.

Nowadays, it’s important for every household to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. This way, they can save the Earth and their budget, as well. Here are some ideas to go green:

Solar Panels
Make the most out of the sunlight by installing solar panels on your rooftop. This way, it absorbs the energy from the sun and turns it into a power source. It’s an ideal way of conserving energy because you use less electricity. Batteries are also available for energy storage, so you have a power supply when electricity goes out.

Natural Light
Another advantage of sunlight is the brightness it gives during the day. Allow natural light to enter by installing bigger windows and skylights. This way, you don’t have to rely on artificial lights in the morning or afternoon.

Water Treatment
Benefit from the rain by installing water treatment systems. Place it near the gutter, so you can strain and reuse it. This is applicable for cleaning the car, watering the plants, and washing your clothes. Treated water can help you save on water bills for up to 20%. Ask for a NABERS rating from an assessor to know your water usage statistics. This way, you can regulate your consumption.

Energy Efficient Appliances
Nowadays, many manufacturers produce low wattage light bulbs and appliances to save energy. Visit a hardware store to get energy-efficient supplies. Use a motion-sensor bulb, as it lights up when it detects movement. It also turns off automatically, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to switch it off. This is also a good safety device at night because it reduces break-in incidents.

Go green and save the Earth. Look for ways to reduce energy and money consumption. Hire a NABERS assessor to monitor your usage.