For the Love of Fireworks: International Pyrotechnic Competitions Enthusiasts Must Watch

buy fireworks onlineFireworks have always inspired joy and amazement. People buy fireworks and sparklers online and light them up to celebrate weddings, birthdays, and many other occasions. Over the years, pyrotechnics are no longer just for Bonfire Night or for New Year’s Eve, as it has become a part of any grand festivity.

The immense love people have for pyrotechnics paved the way for competitions across the globe, showcasing the skill and workmanship of manufacturers. For every true fireworks enthusiast, these are the shows to watch out for.

Here is a quick rundown of the major international competitions you could watch.

Celebration of Light

Since 1990, the Honda Celebration of Light in Vancouver, Canada has become an annual occasion that many people attend. In this event, three companies coming from different countries perform 25-minute routines each synchronised to music. On the last day, all three performers cap the night with a grand display. This happens typically in the last week of July (Wednesday and Saturday) and the first week of August (Wednesday and Saturday).

Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

The Philippine International Pyromusical Competition began in 2010, and it is a festival of firework manufacturers from all around the world who showcase their own displays. This happens during February and March annually at Pasay City, Philippines.

Prior to this grand occasion, the Philippines holds q preliminary competition in the form of the World Pyro Olympics, which started in 2005. Two companies light up the sky every day for five straight days, usually before the year ends.

Tarragona International Fireworks Displays Competition

If you want to visit the Mediterranean and see some lights in the sky, the best time to go there is the first week of July. In Catalonia, Spain, happens the Tarragona International Fireworks Displays Competition. Various countries participate in the show and ignite the night sky with colourful displays.

Ignis Brunensis

The Ignis Brunensis happens every year in the last week of May and the start of June in Czech Republic. It is a two-week long event that involves the entire city of Brno. The celebration begins at the city centre, where a non-competing display ensues. After that, competing firework displays begin side the city, with each show lasting for 22 minutes alongside music synchronisation.

The world shares a common love for pyrotechnics. Tickle the traveller and firework enthusiast in you and visit these competitions.