Because the Heart is in the Home

Every room you live in shapes both individual and interpersonal behavior, from the smallest picture to the biggest sofa from furniture stores like Daniel’s. Change happens because people slowly adapt to the physical restrictions and features the spaces give. At this moment, the acoustics and lighting in your dining room may affect important family interactions or your arrangement in your home office may minimize productivity.

The Dining Room

Momentous times of year happen in the dining room. This is where you laugh, listen and love with family and friends. There is also the pleasure of enjoying hearty meals. It is around the table that some of the most memorable moments of your life are likely to unfold, where important family decisions and conversations also take part. This serves as a refuge after a day’s work. Make it beautiful with discount furniture in Orange County, CA.

The Living Room

Sharing physical activities with your kids is a good way to get your heart pumping and burn calories. It is also a time for kids and parents to build family bonds. When you play tag, toss a Frisbee, or join in a dance party, you’re creating memories your child will treasure someday. Children love to see their parents getting silly, so chase each other around the house. Roll around in the living room pretending to be cats.

Space and furniture layouts direct your use of space, affecting intimate and social behaviors. Seating arrangements impact interpersonal communications in living rooms, family rooms, and dining rooms. You can learn how to use the existing features of your interior environment as positive assets to your growth, health and success. The results are often astounding and immediate.

Design spaces that relax, inspire, awaken, comfort and heal. Your home includes a collection of spaces designed to accommodate the different activities in your family’s life. These personal environments serve as a mold that reinforces patterns of behavior and performance.

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