4 Cleaning Supplies Every Home Should Have for a Full House Cleaning

cleaning suppliesFull household cleaning is a notorious chore; not everybody enjoys doing it. It can become easier and more efficient, however, with the proper cleaning supplies. The right tools will make the chore, well, a little less like a chore.

It is almost impossible to make a universal cleaning toolbox that fits every home. After all, every family and house is different; their cleaning needs are also unique. Instead of a list of all the cleaning tools and cleansers, this basic cleaning supply list is broken down into categories. Use these as a starting point of your personal cleaning toolbox to make your full household cleaning easy.

Floor Cleaners

Your floors catch all the dirt in your home. They get tracks, spills, and smears on a daily basis. Your cleaning supply for the floors will depend on the type of flooring you have. Brooms, dustpans, vacuum cleaners, mops, and floor polish are some of the most basic cleaners you probably need.

Dusting Supplies

The tools you might need for dusting will depend on your personal preferences. Microfibre cloths are great for both general and detailed dusting while a vacuum cleaner dusting attachment is a great tool for cleaning walls, corners, and high ceilings. You might want to include a dusting spray or furniture polish as well.


Even the smallest home generates a lot of trash if you are doing a full house cleaning, and chances are you will end up with a mountain of items for disposal. A great way to deal with all the rubbish is to get a skip bin hire. Perth experts say skip bin hires are easily accessible, and most form hire to make it easy to walk into the bin or push a wheelbarrow into it.

Surface Cleaners

You need both general and special surface cleaners during your housecleaning project. Every surface in your home gets dirty, and you need a good cleaner to keep all of them clean. Your best tool is a good all-purpose cleaner, but you may want a special cleaner if you have surfaces that need a little extra TLC.

Special surfaces include ovens, stone tops, wood, toilet bowl, and glass.

So before you dive into a bucket of water and detergent, make sure you have all of these necessary housecleaning weapons. With these tools, you’ll have everything you need to whip your home into squeaky clean, tip-top shape.