12 Practical Ways to Maintain Office Furniture

officeThe office environment is one of the factors that determine an employee’s job performance. They feel motivated to work when they see office furniture that looks new.

Keeping a well-maintained office does not mean you have to change office furniture all the time, however. That would be too expensive and impractical. To avoid unnecessary expenditures while maintaining a working environment conducive to productivity, here are some suggestions:

1. Keep office furniture away from sunlight. Direct and extreme exposure to sunlight could result in chipped-off paints and pale varnish.
2. Use desk pads. A table with scratches looks like it has been bought a few years ago even if you only had it for months. Employees should make it a habit to wipe their desks with a smooth and clean cloth regularly. Place silicone bumpers and felt pads on glass tops to avoid scratches or breakage.
3. Do not use abrasive cleaners on leather seats. Use cleaners developed specifically for leather. Try homemade solutions instead of harsh chemicals.
4. Use the right cloth when cleaning wooden furniture. Use a damp cloth to wipe treated wood and dry cloth for untreated wood surfaces. When wiping, follow the direction of the wood grain.
5. Keep food away from desks. Discourage employees from eating at their desks because they might leave food stains that are difficult to remove.
6. Remove dirt or fingerprints using mild cleaning agents. Anything with harsh chemicals could damage the surface of the furniture.
7. Use vacuum cleaners for couches with fabric. If the sofas have covers, wash these covers weekly to keep them smelling and looking fresh.
8. Keep those termites away. Dust wooden furniture frequently.
9. Look for signs of rust. Clean steel cabinets with dry cloth. They can get rusty when exposed to water.
10. Regularly inspect the office. Clean the space regularly and report any damage as soon as possible.
11. Seek help from professional cleaners. They know what cleaning agents are best for every material.
12. Purchase new office furniture to replace worn out once. Some desks or tables may be beyond repair. There are outfitters that can help you overhaul the office.

Whether you need furniture or renovation of commercial office interiors in Perth, look for a trusted company with an eye for detail.

Maintaining the office can be easy. Pay attention to the small details and encourage everyone to clean their workstations to have more productive employees.