4 Landscaping Tips That Will Outshine Your Planting Beds

house gardenWhere you’re from, a home garden consists of some window box planters you’ve picked up from a local shop. But there are households all over the world that have created a green refuge filled with pretty blooms, lush trees and some water features. Thanks to the internet, we can live imaginatively through them.

Here are some garden tips from top landscapers in Essex that will totally outshine your planting beds:

Let Your Interiors Blend with Your Outdoor Space

Bring your indoors out if the current layout of your house doesn’t allow for seeing enough of the backyard. Porches, conservatories, and sunrooms are great ways to bring nature upfront and personal without redesigning the current floor plan. If you’re on a budget, add screening in your porch to enjoy the view of the scenic garden while inside.

Come Inside before You Choose the Plants

Plan the outdoor space from the inside if you’re thinking of landscaping your backyard. We normally search for landscaping ideas, buy the plants and grow them before we come inside our home to check it if it looks good. Do it the other way around. Come inside you home and be mindful of the areas you don’t want to block with tall bushes and trees.

Open Up Your Space with Exterior Lighting and Greenery

Heavy drapery, dark tones, and blocked views hinder you from bringing the outdoors in. Adding plants inside your home and lighting fixtures in the garden allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. This blends the indoors and outdoors, while opening up your home.

Highlight the Accents of Your Exteriors

Whether these are the columns on the front porch or the shutters that adorn the sides of the windows, make sure they’re well maintained and in good condition. Hire skilled landscapers who can take care of the upkeep of your planter, entryways, exterior lighting and porch.

For areas that are an eyesore, use climbing vines or ground cover to add visual interest. Although we think that landscaping is just for the outdoors, keep in mind that they’re admired from the inside, too.