Protect Your Home from Hackers Too

Person hackingYou can never be too careful when securing your home from burglars. You can have alarm systems, sensors and motion detectors, access control systems, and surveillance cameras installed to secure your home.

Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service explains most security systems involve the grant or restriction of personnel access to doors and gates within a property. You can improve your security systems as much as you want, but you also have to protect your home from cyber security threats.

Home Cyber Security Measures

Hackers can access all your smart home devices, even your smart locks and cameras. You can take steps, however, to prevent hackers from even using your own security systems against you.  You can do the oldest and simplest of all cyber security measures: use strong passwords.

Use Strong Passwords

Instead of relying on default or easy passwords, you can resort to strong passwords you can remember. They can be enough to protect you from most hackers. When you add a new device to your security network, you can update the network’s password and the password of the device as well.

You can write your passwords down if you have trouble remembering all of them.

Set Up Authentication

As previously mentioned, hackers can peek inside your home using your own surveillance cameras. Besides strong passwords to keep hackers at bay, you can set up a multi-factor authentication.

Such security can further hamper a hacker’s efforts by being the second line of defence if the hacker bypasses the password.

Have Manual Access

You can purchase smart garage doors and locks nowadays. They can be convenient, but they can also be vulnerable to hackers. You can keep hackers away by using good old strong passwords. You can also ensure you can open these doors and locks manually in case of utter failure.

Otherwise, if you can sacrifice convenience, you can opt for traditional lock and keys.

Update Firmware

Firmware updates to your smart devices mean updates to your device software. Device manufacturers include security measure in these updates to improve existing safety in your devices. You can keep your smart devices updated with the latest firmware to enhance further their software security.

With the measures above, you can protect your home from both hackers and burglars.