What are Audio Crossovers?

installing car audioMusic is composed of frequencies that run the entire range of human hearing, and devices called audio crossovers split these frequencies into smaller chunks.

The main purpose of using a crossover is to make sure that only the right frequencies reach the right speakers. As a result, distortions are reduced, improving the sound quality of San Diego car audio systems.

There are two main kinds of crossovers:

Passive Crossovers

These crossovers are located between the amplifier and speakers, hence, the term high-level networks, which they’re sometimes called.

These networks are composed of inductors, capacitors, or a combination of each.

Also known as a “coil” or “choke,” an inductor is a coil of wire, which may or may not have a ferrite or iron core. Inductors with an iron core are called “iron core inductors,” while units without an iron core are called “air core inductors.”

The iron core and air core inductors work the same way. As the frequency passing through them increases, so does the coil’s inductive reactance. In other words, they pass low frequencies, but choke off high ones.

Capacitors work opposite inductors. As the frequency decreases, the capacitors’ reactance increases. In other words, they pass high frequencies and filter out low ones.

Active Crossovers

These crossovers are composed of solid-state electronics that divide the audio spectrum before amplification.

As these networks contain active components, such as transistors and integrated circuits, they’re also referred to as “electronic crossovers.”

Whenever you want to use an electronic crossover, you’ll need multiple power amplifiers. For instance, use two amplifiers, one for each frequency group, for two-way active crossovers or “biamplification.” For three-way systems or “triamplification,” use three amplifiers.

To reduce distortions and improve the sound quality of your car stereo, use a passive or active crossover. Before installing either network, however, learn which kind is suitable for your car audio system.