Legal Categories of Child Support Cases

child support agreement formAll states are required to have a child support enforcement agency under title IV of the Social Security Act of 1975. This act is commonly called ‘title-IV’. Title-IV cases are child support cases handled through the child support enforcement office.

It is prudent to hire child support attorneys from an Albuquerque law firm to help you with a type IV case. This will boost your chances of a fair outcome, and the case will move quickly. Here are the different categories of type IV cases based on various circumstances.

IV-A Cases

The custodial parent in a type IV-A case benefits from public assistance advanced by the state. This is common in situations where the parent is unable to fend for the children left in his/her care. The government in a type IV-A case makes all efforts through the state’s child support enforcement office o recoup all the expenses paid for the child from the non-custodial parent.

IV-E Cases

These are cases in which a child is being taken care of by someone other than his/her biological parents. This includes children under the care of the foster care system or relatives. Though the state pays for the child’s upkeep, it makes all attempts to recoup this cash from the child’s biological parent(s).

IV-D Cases

These include all child support cases in which a parent receives some form of help from the child support enforcement office. This includes assistance in the location of the non-custodial parent, enforcing your child support order or establishing your child’s paternity. These apply to parents not receiving any form of public assistance.

There are many reasons why parents in some cases cannot live together with their child. The legal system, however, ensures the child is well taken care of regardless of the situation. If you are having issues with paying or receiving child support, talk to your lawyer to assess the ways you will ensure your child gets the best upbringing.