How to Buy a Dream Home in New Zealand?

A City in New Zealand

There are a couple of awesome countries in the world and one of them is definitely New Zealand. Hence it is no surprise that owning a home here is everyone’s dream come true. Buying a home or property is a challenging and long drawn process irrespective of which country you are in. But with the correct information, you can do it seamlessly in Stratford and even enjoy the process, if you are fortunate.

Open houses

First National Mills & Gibbon shares that the first step for you to do is to research, study and comprehend the real estate situation in Stratford and any other region in New Zealand, you are interested in. One of the best ways to do this is to visit open houses. The phrase ‘open houses’ is used in this country, specifically for houses that are not currently occupied and are up for sale. You do not need appointments to visit these homes, so it is advisable to see as many such homes as possible.


There is another way to purchase a home in this country and that is through bidding in auctions. But bidding for an auction requires a different type of preparation and study. Before attending the auction, you should have an independent evaluation and building inspection report of the home you are bidding for.

It is also recommended that you hire an attorney well versed in real estate to thoroughly verify the title of the home. Take your time to find independent and dependable solicitors and agents, so that there is no personal stake involved and you get realistic evaluations.

Other essentials

If you require a home loan, apply to a local bank. The mortgage applications are quickly approved in this country, so there is no special cause for concern here. You can consult a financial advisor if in any doubt. The purchase of a new home will be complete only with an LIM or Land information memorandum.

This document is a legal one specifying the various boundaries, consents, zoning and much more. This will cost you money, so get it only for the homes you are interested in buying. Alternatively, you can get a quotable value of the homes from the government, as this cheaper.

These are just a few tips that can help you buy a home in this amazing country. Consult a professional for detailed information.