Helping Your Kids Understand Your Divorce

Explaining divorce to kids

Divorce is a very bitter pill to swallow, especially for children. It’s even possible that kids are more affected than couples. To help make them understand the situation better, you can start by applying these helpful suggestions.

Be Civil with Your Spouse

With talks of divorce, the topic of child custody will always pop up, especially when both parents are still at each other’s throats. Consult with child custody lawyers in Santa Fe, NM to find the best possible arrangement for both parties. This makes the whole process easier, particularly for the kids, since it spares them from a very long and tedious custody battle.

Break It to Them Gently

As with every grave event that happens in one’s life, the key to reducing negative reactions is to break the news gently. Sit down with your children to carefully and slowly explain the situation and what led to this unfortunate ending. Don’t sugarcoat but try to avoid any uncalled for negative comments toward your partner because this will make the situation even harder for them to accept.

Reassure Them with Love and Acceptance

Many children will automatically think they had a hand in the divorce, so it’s important that you tell them that both you and your spouse still love them and it’s not their fault. Explain that the decision is mutually agreed upon by the both parties and it had nothing to do with anything they have done in the past. This is especially true with younger children so reinforce the fact that you may no longer be together as a couple, but you both still care for them no matter what happens.

Since this is a delicate situation, don’t force your children to feel okay immediately. It wouldn’t be fair to ask that of them considering you aren’t that easy to heal either. Give them time to cope, and soon they will be able to accept the situation enough to understand, heal, and move on.