Construction Options for Spiral Brushes

Round Industrial BrushesThere are many options available for industrial brushes. These include square, rectangular and spiral brushes for various applications. Spiral brushes which are also known as twisted-in-wire, tube or bottle brushes are the best for uses requiring a helical shape.

Bottle brushes have a continuous and consistent abrasive action, high performance and excellent debris and water movement and extraction. They are used in the manufacturing industry for cleaning internal holes in both wet and dry applications, finishing and deburring.

Twisted Brushes

These brushes are made by twisting double or single-density filaments between a double or single stem wire. The wire is then doubled over positioning the bristles in the middle of the wires during the twisting movements. This twisting tightens the folded wire around the filaments hence securing it in position.

Double or Single-Stemmed Brushes

Single-stem brushes have a length of 6’’-16’’ and feature a loop at their end. Double-stem brushes have a thicker brush face compared to single-stem ones with an overall length of 4 -5 ½’’. The single-stem spiral brushes are ideal for light manual tasks while the double-stem brushes are typically used in power tools and machines.

Coil Wound Brushes

The helical shape of coil wound brushes is achieved by winding strip brushes around a mounted interior cylinder core. They look cylindrical, but the bristles of coil wound brushes take a spiral form and have a similar scrubbing action as the twisted brushes. This type of brush construction, unlike others, allows refurbishing of your brush by replacing its external wound strip brush.

Spiral brush constructions come in different materials to suit virtually every application in the industry. You can choose from polyethylene, brass plated, nylon, carbon, silicon carbide, aluminium and galvanised wire brushes. Hence, you can be guaranteed to find one to clean all non-metallic and metallic parts in your industry.