Busting Common Myths about SEO

people looking at the computer

If you have an understanding of digital marketing for businesses, you know how important SEO or search engine optimisation is to any marketing campaign. SEO increases your visibility and improves your rank in search engines.

However, not all businesses understand what SEO entails, and this may be a hindrance to utilising this powerful marketing tool. An SEO company in Singapore shares some of the common misconceptions about SEO that you shouldn’t believe.

Myth #1: Stuffing Your Keyword is the Trick

Placing your keyword too many times in web content used to work before, but not any more. Search engines have revolutionised with time and are smart to analyse your content, such that if the placement of your keyword doesn’t make sense or appears too many times, your ranking will go down. Instead, use long keywords and place them strategically and naturally in your text.

Myth #2: Website Appearance Doesn’t Matter

If you’re planning to increase your ranking in search engines, your website’s user experience should be top-notch. Your site should load faster, be easy to read and understand, and have an interactive user interface to gain a higher SEO rank.

Myth #3: Visual Content Has No SEO

Although many people hardly pay attention to images and videos on their site, these two elements matter a lot in your SEO campaign, as more people can interact with visual content than with written text, and you should embrace using it in your sites. With that, you’ll get more followers, and there are higher chances you’ll drastically improve your ranking.

SEO is a critical tool in every marketing strategy, but to some businesses, it remains a mystery. Knowing the misconceptions around SEO and the facts behind it is essential in helping marketers utilise this powerful tool in enhancing their customer reach and growing their brand.