Three Carpet Cleaning Techniques Every Homeowner Should Know

vacuuming the carpet

Having a carpet at home can effortlessly transform your place into a cosy and comfortable hub. Along with it, however, is the responsibility of keeping it clean and spotless.

It could be tricky to maintain this area of your home, but there are certain techniques you can follow to keep your carpet stain-free and smelling fresh. Here are some of them:

Stain Cleaning

Remove stains as soon as you spot them to avoid leaving permanent blotches in your perfect carpet. For this task, you will need a vinegar solution with borax, hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid. Spray the solution to the affected spots, and then use a cloth or sponge blot—not rub—the stains.

When not done correctly, however, you might end up with a ruined carpet. If you are not confident enough to take out the stain on your own, it is best to hire a professional in carpet cleaning in Canterbury to do the job for you.


This is a step you must do at least once a week to remove dirt, dust, pet dander and any other debris that might have accumulated on your carpet. This is also an effective method to prevent mould growth, which could pose serious health risks to you and your family.


The carpet’s exposure to dust and dirt could leave it vulnerable to various types of unpleasant odour. Getting off this nasty smell may take extra effort especially because the longer you let it be, the stronger and the worse the stench gets. This is why it is best to learn a simple deodorising trick to help manage the stink. Spray on a solution made of baking soda, mouthwash, vinegar and a drop of essential oil to manage the stench.

If you are too busy to do all these things on your own, you always have the option of hiring expert carpet cleaners to cover the task for you. Their range of services vary, so you could personalise and schedule when you want it done.

Level up the appeal of your home by making sure that your carpet is getting the care and attention it needs. Use these cleaning tips and tricks to enjoy a clean and attractive home.