Safety: A Priority for Glass Balustrading

Choosing Glass Balustrades in AucklandGlass balustrades, although made out of glass, are still supposed to hold up against pressure or impact. When they do break, they are supposed to shatter into harmless pieces. Last year during August, a woman fell two storeys from a balcony in Auckland due to the spontaneous failure of the glass balustrade. The woman was seriously injured, but alive.

Higher Safety Regulations

Now, you may have concerns regarding glass balustrades. Fortunately, the Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment revised the building code for glass balustrading. Since June of last year, an interlinking rail is meant to be included with frameless glass barriers in case of breakage. Only laminated safety glass can go without the interlinking rail.

Safety Priority

Glass balustrading can still be a great choice for bordering the balconies of your home. You can choose certified and trusted glass installation specialists to install safe glass balustrades. At the same time, you can also prioritise the safety of the glass installation yourself. You can base your balustrade choice on safety first before aesthetics.

Premium on Safety

To ensure the safety and durability of the balustrading, you can also make sure that the price you pay for is worth it. The more expensive option, not the cheapest of options, may be the more sensible choice. Safety in balustrading may come at a premium, and you can pay for the appropriate cost of safety.

Trustworthy Specialist

When looking for a trustworthy balustrading specialist, you can ask from friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations. At the same time, you can look at online testimonies about specialists. You can even ask specialists themselves for examples of their work. Finally, you may be able to search online if the specialist in question is appropriately licensed and certified.

The accident of the woman last August was unfortunate, but it is also an isolated case. You can still trust in glass balustrading in spite of the unfortunate accident. As long as you do everything in your power to ensure the safety of such balustrading, you will be protected from any accidents.