Exploring the 5S of House Buying

HouseBuying your own house can feel like freshman orientation in college – you are bewildered from the myths and facts about your new life chapter and you feel lost amidst everything. To prevent the embarrassment of your first day in college from repeating, here are the five essential factors that should affect your home buying decision.


Will you live alone in your new house? Is this for you, your life partner, and the family you plan to build in the future? The number of occupants should determine the number of beds and baths as well as the size of the kitchen, living room, and backyard in your ideal house. Unless you’re planning to lease a part of your house to tenants, get only the right amount of space that you need.


If you’ve experienced renting an apartment fresh out of college, you probably understand the importance of proper storage. You wouldn’t want to see mountains of clutter in your kitchen, bedroom, and garage, would you? Consider those with built-in dresser drawers and kitchen cupboards when checking houses for sale, suggests GatesEstates.com. Your mom will praise your organization skills when she visits your home and sees your adorably arranged china.


The plumbing may live under the floorboards, but you know as well as any expert that those pipes dictate comfort in a house. Check the water, electricity, and air conditioning pipes and make sure there are no leaks or air pockets. Excellent plumbing will also affect your electricity and water bills, so you should consider sewage when looking for homes for sale.


A house’s orientation affects the occupants’ daily activities. If you want breakfasts in the soft morning light, get a house with a kitchen and backyard facing east. Where the house faces affects the amount of sunlight your interiors will receive throughout the year, so discuss these with your real estate consultant during an open house visit.


Your neighborhood and the nearby facilities will also affect your comfort and convenience. Listen to your instincts and consider buying that house if you feel at ease with your future neighbors’ energy and your street’s general atmosphere.

Informed choices often lead to satisfaction. Think of these five S factors when checking out houses for sale and find yourself a happy homeowner.