Commercial Printing: What are the Options in the Case of Standard Inks?

Commercial PrintingInks are the primary constituent in all prints. When choosing the various elements of your business’ print, ink is one of the most crucial aspects of the project. The one you select will play a huge role in determining your paper stock and final print appearance.

The two main ink categories available in an Australian printing service company are standard and specialty inks. Standard inks are the commonly used for everyday prints while specialty ones like security, metallic and fluorescent inks are designed for specific industries.

Here are the types of standard inks you can select.

Rubber-Base Inks

If you are looking for flexibility in your printing, rubber-base inks are the ideal choice. These inks dry quickly and can be used on both uncoated and coated paper stocks. Rubber-base inks are, however, primarily used on small sheet-fed printing presses which run at slower speeds compared to web presses.

Quickset Inks

These inks contain a varnish which hastens their drying process. They do not need heat to dry, unlike heatset inks which closely resemble them. The best paper stocks for quickset inks are uncoated ones. This is because the antioxidants and low viscosity distillates of the ink will be absorbed quickly on an uncoated substrate. The ink’s vehicle and pigment are then left to dry on the print surface.

Soybean-Based Ink

With the recent push towards eco-friendly printing, many companies are going for soybean-base ink. Though it produces prints similar to petroleum-based inks, it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. Some of the inks, however, contain a small quantity of petroleum additives, and it is prudent to be fully informed if you are looking for 100% soybean-base ink.

Creating a perfect business banner, brochure and card among other print advertising media take a lot of time and expertise.  It will be frustrating and costly to ruin the creation with the wrong choice of printing ink. Consult your printing company for advice on the best ink type for your business’ prints.