Beat the Heat: Cool Features of Ducted ACs

Ducted air conditionersAn Australian household is not an Australian household without air conditioning. Australia’s warm months are not getting any cooler and in fact, everyone should prepare for more intense heatwaves.

Granted, turning your home into a pressure cooker is not your idea of comfort, but what cost-effective option do you have if your house has several rooms? There’s one: ducted AC system.

While there are plenty of air conditioners in the market, this system is the logical choice if you prefer centralised ventilation. Unlike split and multi-zone systems, you only need two units to control the indoor climate of your entire home. If you have adequate space for the ductwork, you can’t go wrong with this HVAC system.

At the risk of sounding like a shopping channel, there’s more. If you go look for ducted air conditioning in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or any other major cities soon, your timing is perfect because of new models with cool features.

Low-Profile Design

As time goes by, ducted air conditioning systems available in Sydney are becoming more unobtrusive. Despite their sleek designs, bulky air conditioners of yesterday tend to compromise home design—but that’s no longer the case.

Most current models have ductwork built inconspicuously into the ceiling; its indoor unit can be installed out of view, same as its outdoor equipment. Its only noticeable presence is really just the cool (or warm) air around the house.

Zoning Capabilities

Just because it’s centralised doesn’t mean it has to be chilly in every inch of your property all at once. Ducted systems come in many air conditioned zones, which means you can choose the exact areas to cool. Now that’s economy and flexibility right there.

Remote Controllability

Pick the part of the house to cool—and control temperature remotely. The power to control which vent pumps cold air is at your fingertips. Just keep your smartphone handy and run the system remotely.

All air conditioners can fight humidity and maintain a comfortable level of temperature, but which one can offer convenience and cost-effectiveness? If you need a whole-home solution, nothing works better than ducted systems.