The Easiest Way to Clean Your Window Blinds

Man cleaning window blinds

Whether you see a layer of solid grime or just a couple of dusty bits on your blinds, it’s vital that you give your blinds a thorough cleaning from time to time. Cleaning blinds might be daunting and intimidating for some. With these clever and simple cleaning hacks, however, you could save some money, time, and effort:

  • Window blinds made from aluminum or PVC easily accumulate dust. While you could use microfiber cloths for cleaning them, an old cotton sock would also be enough to get the job done.
  • To use the sock, make sure it’s clean and then wet it with a non-irritating cleaning solution and some warm water. Wring it out until it’s damp.
  • Next, wear the sock on your hand, yes, like you would a sock hand puppet and beginning at the top, work your way downward, clean both sides of each slat. If your vacuum cleaner has a soft brush attachment, you could also use this for sucking up dust buildup, and then use the sock or microfiber cloth after for a more thorough cleaning of sections with significant dust buildup that the vacuum couldn’t clean, advises a Hunter Douglas specialist in NJ.
  • Vertical blinds don’t require as much maintenance as horizontal blinds since they don’t attract as much dust and dirt due to their orientation. In most cases, you just need to wipe down each slat with a damp microfiber cloth or sock.
  • If you want to clean your blinds like a professional, you could purchase specially developed tools to clean blind slats. These are pincers that have sponges inside for gripping slats and cleaning the bottom and top parts of the slat simultaneously.
  • Don’t soak your window blinds. While soaking could clean some of the materials, you risk premature rusting of the mechanism.
  • Don’t use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your blinds if you don’t have the brush attachment because you could easily damage the slats.
  • Don’t wash fabric blinds in your washer as this would wear down the fabric faster and might fade or bobble. Take them to the dry cleaners instead.

As it is with any home maintenance task, prevention is always best. So don’t forget to give some TLC to your window blinds from time to time to help make its service life last longer.