Home Sweet Home: Why Condo Living Is Good for Families

Woman waking up in her white-themed apartment

Vertical living has become the norm for many professionals in Cebu, but there has also been a rise of young families embracing this lifestyle over the last years. Building or buying a house in a subdivision is the default way of raising kids before, but parents today see condos as good investments for starting and growing families. Here are the reasons they’re jumping in the trend:

Condos are located near schools

In any living arrangement, parents need an accessible location, especially considering the proximity from schools. Traffic is a huge issue in most cities in the Philippines. A lot of time is spent (and wasted) being stuck in traffic jams, so parents do anything and everything to avoid long, stress-filled drives that don’t just take a toll on them, but on their kids.

Most condos are located strategically near key establishments, including top-notch schools. With your home just a five-minute walk from school, you get to spend more quality time with kids, rather than being stressed in traffic. Check out condo units in Cebu so you can be near schools and key establishments.

Condos offer a community experience

Many people think that condos are impersonal. With unit spaces limited and no backyard to host parties at, there’s no way to meet and befriend neighbors. That’s not true, though.

Condos offer amenities that provide a space for people to hang out. Your kids can meet their peers while walking your dog in green, open spaces or while having fun at the pool. You can find other active, fit-conscious parents at the gym in the condo building. Some properties even have churches renting at their commercial spaces, so you can also find a community experience in these settings.

Condos take the stress out of property maintenance

If you live in a large family house, you know well how property maintenance takes so much time. You have many rooms to tidy up, a yard to make pretty, a roof to check every now and then, a swimming pool water to treat, a garage to clean, and the list goes on. Time spent on these chores means time not spent on kids.

In condos, parents don’t need to worry about these things because there’s a property manager doing the worrying. With just enough space at your condo unit and no outdoor maintenance to think about, you can make the most of your time with children.

Condos are a good living arrangement for raising kids. Consider this option and see the difference in your family life.