Preparing for Your Dental Appointment: What Are Your Oral Surgical Options?

Dentist explaining to a patient

Surgeons who perform important operations on their patient are especially dexterous. They also know how to inform their patients about what is about to happen. Whatever the surgery entails, the promised results are better than the status quo.

The Dental Clinic of Doctor Greg Roberts explains how you can prepare for your oral surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Planning and preparing for the surgery

Tests allow surgeons to plan the surgery using CT scans and X-rays. Computer programs and digital guides improve the outcomes. Before the procedure, a pre-surgery consultation allows the doctor to examine relevant structures of the mouth and teeth in detail. Board-certified oral surgeons prepare the details of a customized surgical plan based on current conditions and geared towards goals for the future.

Other than discussing the oral structures revealed after a pre-surgery X-ray, you can expect the doctor to prepare your teeth by cleaning them meticulously. A presentation of anesthesia types is on the list of things to discuss as well.

Types of dental specialties

Before you are caught up imagining what a pre-surgery assessment consists, you better be well versed on the different specializations in dentistry. This is important because you can expect great results when specialists work on the problem.

An endodontist is trained to handle issues related to the dental pulp and you better consult one if a root canal is highly recommended. Meanwhile, a periodontist specializes in gum disease. A prosthodontist works to save your natural teeth while finding solutions to replace and restore the smile you have lost. On the other hand, an orthodontist looks for ways to diagnose and treat problems with the jaw, with bite alignment, and in the prevention of irregularities of the mouth.

For complex surgeries, you need to see an oral maxillofacial surgeon. This doctor performs contemporary dental implants and bone grafting, as well as deal with structural issues pertinent to persons with cleft lip or cleft palate.

If an impacted wisdom tooth is bothering you, do not wait another day. When dental implants are the best treatment option, call for an appointment with an expert in oral surgery.