Why Tooth Loss is a Concern

Tooth LossEveryone loses a tooth or two at some point in life. But if you are one of those who forgoes proper oral hygiene, this can accelerate tooth loss. Apart from losing confidence in social interactions and missing out on the food you want, a study indicates that missing teeth can also determine life expectancy.

The Various Causes of Tooth Loss

You’re still likely to experience tooth loss even when permanent teeth set in. Once they all erupt, you should practise care because dental problems can strike at any time, especially if you are not following oral hygiene. Here are some of the most common causes of tooth loss in adults.

  • Bruxism
  • Periodontitis
  • Trauma
  • Poor Lifestyle Choices (smoking, specific diets and poor oral health practises)

Before you experience tooth loss, prevent it by going to a dental practice. Ridgway Dental emphasises the importance of preventative dental care to maintain a healthy mouth.

You should also make sure that the dental practice has the technology and experience in various areas of dentistry, so you receive a proper diagnosis.

The Link between Teeth Retention and Life Expectancy

The Oral Health Foundation found out that individuals who have lost five or more teeth by the age of 65 are more likely to have a shorter lifespan. The main culprits for this would be stress and poor oral health. They also associated teeth retention with other serious conditions, such as diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases.

An article in Periodontology 2000 shares that those who have a full set of teeth at 74 years old are more likely to live up to 100 years old.

Your oral health needs to take top priority. Tooth loss is not the only thing you need to worry about if you are remiss with proper dental care. With the right dental treatment and consistent oral hygiene, you can maintain your full set of teeth, or at the very least, not lose more than two.