Sure Ways to Kick Start Your Career

Happy Female GraduateIf you are like many of the new graduates who took IT courses in Singapore, it could be that you’re still trying to find a job in one of your preferred institutions. For young graduates, the job market has four ways you can build your career from the very start.

Apply for an internship

A good way to give you a competitive edge in your job hunt is to look for an internship at an established firm. Internships offer students on-the-job experience and knowledge. But don’t let that stand in the way of getting the job of your dreams. Keep in mind that the majority of employees prefer relevant work experience to non-vocational degrees.

Volunteer as you wait

Few things make an applicant standout such as experience as a volunteer in non-profit organisations. Volunteering will give you the skills that are valuable to many employers, such as independence and communication. It also shows that you are ready to take on challenges and gain real-world experience.

Create a great online portfolio

Smart job seekers take their hunt online. Making an excellent portfolio on the relevant online platform can put a job seeker ahead of their counterparts. It takes some commitment but pays great dividends.

Start by building an outstanding online portfolio to show off your skills and achievements. Then give potential employers links to some of your best works. Once people see your capabilities, they’ll be more likely to offer you a position.

Build up your network

You can never have too many friends in the right places. Now’s the time to find the right people to help you get what you want. Social media can connect to the right people in your industry and create relationships that are potentially beneficial.

Building a successful career is not easy, but it’s something anyone can accomplish. All it takes is the willingness to find out what you need to do and be willing to take the challenge.