Reduce Power Bills with these Energy-Efficient Changes at Home

Electricity BillOver the past twenty years, New Zealand has been paying one of the most expensive electricity rates in the world. As a necessary household utility, electricity is something that all homes have to include in their monthly budget. But as the years pass, electricity dues continue to rise.

Homes now invest in energy-saving renovations. These changes need not be expensive as there are simple and cheaper ways that can truly help households lessen the burden. From the use of simple mirrors to new house insulation systems, here are some of the options that many people tend to overlook.

Installing roof panels

From insulation panels, aluminium roofing, to sky panels – customising your roof can help regulate the ventilation as well as the lighting in your home. Popular in kitchens and indoor gardens, the use of glass panels in energy-efficient homes lessens the use of lights and lamps by maximising the use of daylight.

House insulation

Maintain house temperature with proper insulation. During winter, it can keep the house warm and comfortable. During summer, it can keep the heat at bay. House insulation can come in many forms. It may be on the roof but is most effective when installed on the walls.

It is most cost efficient to install the insulation during construction rather than later. New house insulation has a double purpose as it also reinforces the strength of the walls.

Installing mirrors and blinds

Finally, installing mirrors, curtains and blinds can help greatly when it comes to conserving energy. More than its aesthetic value, mirrors reflect light in the room, allowing it to be brighter. It also gives the illusion of another window, making any space seem larger than it really is.

Blinds and curtains help in controlling the temperature by keeping the heat and the light outside when it gets too hot. Heavier curtains also allow your air conditioning to work better during intense heat.

Simple changes can mean big savings for your energy consumption. You do not need to do major renovations and spend a lot of money. All you need is a bit of creativity and a little guidance to help keep your house cost and energy-efficient.