Back to School: 3 Ways to Help You Study Better

Student studying with a laptop

With the start of school just a few weeks away, have our students already thought about how they can do better this year?

Every year is another chance to do better. If you’re that kind of student, know that your efforts will not go to waste, especially if you work hard. To all the students out there who’ll be going to college, taking high school courses online, preparing for their SAT, etc., here are three simple yet effective ways to help you study better.

1. Read Out Loud

Do you prefer silently read when you’re studying? It’s time you give reading out loud a try.

Why? Because doing so will help you retain information more easily. As a recent study suggests, the process of speaking and hearing words will make the words more distinct in your memory. When you study, try to use not only your reading — and writing, for that matter — skills, but also your speaking and listening abilities.

2. Write Down Notes

When taking down notes during class, do you type away on your laptop or write in your notebook? If you still use your pen and paper, then good for you. Longhand is still better because you’re forced to process information by summarizing or selecting only relevant ideas, just so you can keep up with the lecture. In contrast, using gadgets often lead to verbatim note-taking with only minimal information processing.

3. Use Creative Devices

Draw inspiration from cute and visual creative books by making your own visual tools. These tools (e.g., mind maps, tables, and graphs) will help you gain a better grasp of the lesson and easily remember information. Of course, your devices can also feature only words. If an outline with bullet points already works for you, then go ahead and make one.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you study better. Explore and devise your own methods of studying.