4 Tools Used by Plumbing Pros

Tools for plumbing

Plumbers are jacks-of-all-trades when you think of it. They are in fact trained to fix things besides your usual pipes, such as your water heaters or air conditioners. This is the reason homeowners call in these pros whenever the said appliances need some repairs or replacements.  To make it easier to understand just how exactly plumbers do their trade, here’s a look at the tools and materials they use.

Water Softeners

Plumbing experts at All Hours Plumbing and HVAC in Utah explain that water softeners are installed under sinks or in piping systems to prevent the occurrence of hard water. Hard water happens when minerals in the water start to build up inside the pipe, potentially clogging it. Water softeners collect such minerals and flush them down the drain.


These are tools that create air or water pressure on clogged toilets or sinks. This causes the elements clogging the area to get dislodged and washed down. Plungers normally look like sticks with suction cups at the end. To use a plunger, experts force it up and down the toilet or sink.

Drain Cleaners

These chemicals are strong enough to dissolve the things blocking the pipes to help with the unclogging process. Drain cleaners used to come only in liquid form, but they are now sold in gel or powder form. The chemicals work by breaking down the clogging material’s particles until they’re tiny enough to get flushed.


Commonly known as drain snakes or plumber’s snakes, these are tools used to drill through hard materials inside pipes. These tools are important in unclogging pipework and flushing away the hardened deposits.

There are several tools that plumbers use as they fix things in your household. These tools include augers, drain cleaners, plungers, and water softeners. With the help of these tools and materials, a plumbing pro can get the job done and let you resume your daily chores at home.