3 common Winter Problems You Should Prepare For

Leaking pipe due to freeze damage

Winter comes with its own challenges. With snow piling up everywhere, it is essential to keep your home protected against likely damages by remaining vigilant. During winter, the plumbing system is more susceptible to damage, which expertplumbingutah.com often reminds homeowners. Below are some of the common issues that are likely to occur during winter which would require a plumber.

Faulty Heating System

In most cases, heating systems remain inactive over summer. Once the cold months set in, the same system has to work overtime. The increased heating demand causes strain, making it prone to breakdowns. There could be a pilot light failure, faulty heating elements in the boiler, reduced gas efficiency, and sediment buildup. The chances for these happening increase if the system has gone for a prolonged duration without repair. The solution for diminished heating capability depends on the cause. Call in a professional to evaluate the situation and recommend solutions.

Frozen Pipes

When standing water is subjected to low temperatures, it freezes. This blocks the pipes, causing a buildup of pressure. If this continues, the pipes would crack or burst out causing leakage once the freezing dissipates. Once you notice leaks, shut off the water supply and call in a plumber to minimize the damage.

Clogged Drains

When grease, fats, and oil accumulate in the pipes, they cause significant damage, regardless of the time of the year. However, the cold weather during winter makes the plumbing system more susceptible to blockage from the accumulation of grease. Run hot water in your drains regularly and avoid getting grease into the sink. Call your plumber when you notice your pipes getting slow or if you suspect clogging.

Plumbing issues are best addressed as soon as they happen. Do not ignore any issue you notice, as this will only make it wise. Deal with it immediately and where it is beyond your control, call in your plumber.