3 Advantages of Taking an A Plus Practice Test

woman studying

For IT professionals, the field can be both lucrative but extremely competitive. The reason for that is that many people have begun to recognize the bankability of the field. One way that people can stand out is by getting CompTIA certified. Their exams allow companies to gauge the ability of candidates beyond just their claims. The A+ is the most basic of these and is the stepping stone to a broader set of exams.

Here are three benefits of taking a CertBlaster A+ practice test before charging into the real thing.


The first benefit of taking a practice test is that it immediately gives you an idea as to the overall scope of the exam. This can help guide your actual review, so you focus on the things that matter. While you can be sure that the exact questions might be asked, there are little variations on IT topics anyway. This means that you’ll have a good chance of matching more or less similar items on the actual test itself when you take it.


Tied in with understanding the greater, overall scope of the exam, an A+ practice test also gives you feedback as to your biggest areas of weakness when it comes the subject matter covered by the exams. Don’t be discouraged when there are areas where you have difficulty in the practice exam—these are merely the areas where you need to focus your efforts when you’re reviewing on your own.


Finally, a benefit of taking a practice test is psychological—it boosts your confidence over time. That’s especially true when you’ve taken it a few times and have improved in terms of your performance. It’s been shown in studies that those who take practice tests are likely to enter the testing area with greater confidence and so be more effective when it comes to answering the questions.

With these three things and you can be sure that taking an A+ practice test is surely beneficial to you.