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Supply Chain Optimization: A Better Way to Negotiate with Suppliers

One of the many crucial aspects of supply chain optimization is supplier negotiations. The most common negotiation tactic is usually to try and reduce a supplier’s current prices. However, one negotiation approach that would benefit and reduce the cost for both parties is to work within the supplier’s standard lead time. Done

What to ask before hiring a vehicle

Vital Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Vehicle

Hiring vehicles is a great way to acquire transportation without having to buy and maintain an actual car, van or truck. It offers convenience at a controlled cost and period of ownership. However, before you do rent a transport unit, make sure to ask these questions to ensure that you

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A Yes from Gen Y: How to Create a Business Millennials Love

Millennials are now taking over. More than quickly becoming the biggest population group, in the context of business, they’re emerging as the biggest decision makers when it comes to purchases given that they’re also dominating the workforce. For entrepreneurs, this is a challenge. How exactly do you make your business