Types of Content to Boost Your Online Marketing Campaign

Businessman writing his online marketing planOver 90 per cent of customers are now on social media. This has changed the way different businesses and brands market their products. Online marketing is now an essential part of the marketing campaign for any business.

However, cutting a niche for yourself in the digital world is not that easy. You need to partner with an Internet marketing company in Singapore that understands digital marketing to stand out from your competitors. Moreover, not all forms of content can give you a handsome ROI. Here are the specific content types you should focus on in your campaign:

Visual content

Visually appealing website content tricks visitors into reading the material. This is because humans process visual information faster than words. Infographics, graphs, GIFs and screenshots, therefore, reach your target audience more quickly than text articles. Recent marketing studies have also revealed that the most shared form of content on social media platforms is visual content.


Some brands are moving towards livestreaming tools including Instagram Live, Webinar, YouTube Live-stream and Facebook Live, among others. Most of these tools are free, and all you need to get on board is a livestreaming strategy. Unplanned and sloppy live videos might negatively impact your brand. To get it right, consult with your online marketing expert. Consider focusing on asset promotion during your livestream to generate leads.

User-generated content

Invasive marketing is not cutting it in the current market anymore. User-generated content is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Most consumers find this content more trustworthy compared to branded content. It also shows your audience that you care about them and gives you a better platform to engage with them.

Virtual reality is also currently a big hit and companies investing in this content are seeing a significant ROI. Though podcasts have existed for some time, they have recently gained momentum in social media marketing content. Get the best content to propel your social media campaigns.