These Practices Improve Brand Awareness

Brand Marketing Plan on NotebookIn today’s cutthroat business environment, you constantly need to stay ahead of the competition. Potential customers need to be aware of your existence for them to consider purchasing your products or services.

Ad agencies in Utah such as Red Rider Creative cite the following brand awareness practices to give you a step ahead of your competitors.

Customer Engagement

An engaged audience is likely to convert because they browse your web pages and share your content regularly. Social media is a potent platform to use attempts at customer engagement. Facebook may draw a lot of flak for their current mistakes, but it is still a viable site to reach and engage a wider audience.

Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are other websites that provide you with a way to communicate to people. Each one has their specific use for your campaigns. Content customization and personalization makes your message stand out and won’t appear as a sales pitch.

Determine which information, photos and videos may work for the audience you want to speak with.

Remarketing Approach

Also known as retargeting, this strategy allows you to regain lost traffic, improve the chances of conversion and boost brand awareness. Every time a visitor browses your site, you get “cookies” that allow you to display your ads whenever they visit other websites.

This is an effective approach because you are already targeting a user that has shown interest in your company. You can select which page of your site to place cookies to target a certain customer that made their way further down the sales funnel.

Referral Programs

Word of mouth, instant messenger or email referrals are still relevant. People will trust recommendations that friends or relatives make when making purchases. Give visitors an incentive to tell a friend about your brand by providing freebies, discounts or access to the latest content.

These are only some of the brand awareness strategies you can implement to gain a competitive advantage. Implement and integrate these into your current campaign to get the results you want.